Vietnam & Thailand


Started this superbly relaxing holiday with a week with my friends Gerrit, Esther, Simon & Mats at the 5 star Sofitel Huahin in Thailand. A very beautiful hotel making you feel you're a colonist in tropical surroundings.
I spend most of the days in the pool throwing balls & small dinosaurs and managed to get a good sun tan!

After these pleasant days, I moved over to Ho Chi Min for a revisit of Vietnam, this time in the south. The Cat Tien National Park was somewhat disapointing regarding animals, but the night at the ranger station was cool (no idea what flew over and crawled under my bed).

The last days I spend travelling in the Mekong Delta with a nice & interesting group of people. Lots to see and do over there.



  Huahin Thailand  


Simon Mats
Sofitel Huahin   Sofitel Huahin Garden
  Hoc Chi Min  
Ho Chi Min   Ho Chi Min Night
  War Museum & Cu Chi Tunnels  
Warmuseum Outside   War Museum Inside
Cu Chi Tunnels   Cu Chi Traps
  Mekong Delta  
Mekong Cambodian Border Mekong Temple
Floating Market Crocodile Farm Fruit Plantation
  Muslim Settlement  
  Cat Tien National Park  
Cat Tien   Crocodile Lake

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