...as my friend Marie's original idea of travelling to Franz Josef Land would have blown any budget, even that of buying a second hand sports car, Katharina, Marie, Steffen and I decided to do the "low budget" variety and travel to Spitsbergen in stead...
Discovered by fellow countryman Willem Barentsz, I felt home right away...
The group of islands called Svalbard in Norwegian is probably not only the closest location I will ever get to the North Pole, it is also one of the most stunning and marvelous places in the world...
We navigated from west to east by snowmobile and had a great day in the snow with huskies wanting to do nothing else then run...
A great holiday and highly recommended!!



In the Sun

Huskies Moon
Expedition Team Dog Sledging Friends
Sunset From the Air Barentsburg
Sea Side Signs Cloudy Day
Snow Mobile Longyearbyen Animals
Ice Cave   Walking Tour

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