Cairo, Egypt


Already on my to do list for a long long time, the pyramids in Egypt!
For some reason, I just didn't make it there...

Finally, I decided to fly to Cairo to have a look around at the fascinating legacy of the Pharaohs and I wasn't dissappointed! The pyramids are truely stunning and knowing that they are alomost 5,000 years old, makes one gasp at them even more.
Last but not least, I strolled through the famous Egyptian Museum for a feel of how things were in old times and to get a glimpse of the impressing death mask of Tutankhamun and the mummy of Ramses II.

Next to the pharaohs, Cairo has a lot of other stuff on offer. The histrorical arab and coptic quarters are very interesting and well worth to look around.
Downside is the total traffic mayhem and ridiculous air polution, but it at least give you the feeling that you are far from home...


Giza Pyramids

Cheops Pyramid

Chephren Pyramid Mycerinus Pyramid
Sphinx Giza Plateau Hieroglyphics
Djoser Pyramid   Saqqara
  Memphis & Dashour  
Memphis Red Pyramid Bent Pyramid
Egyptian Museum Cairo Old Cairo
FIAT Citadel Ibn Tulun Mosque
  Al-Azhar & Khan Al-khalili  

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