Australia Road Trip 2012


My friend Steffen was going to be 30 in Australia, so we had to come over to celebrate his birthday on location during a road trip over the continent. Together with Katharina & Barnie, I flew over, which appeared to be quite an odyssey...

But it was well worth it!! Great scenery, fantastic weather and very nice company!

Enjoy the pictures!

Road Tripping Sunset & Sunrise Scenery
Animals Birds Cockatoo
Wallaby Koalas Rainbow Lorikeet
  East Coast  
  Sydney Revisited  
Fraser Island Off Road Fraser Island Lakes Fraser Island Wreck
  Great Keppel Island  
Whitsunday Islands   White Haven Beach
  South Coast  
Great Ocean Road Great Ocean Great Ocean Surfing
Twelve Apostles   Great Ocean Rocks
Uluru Uluru Uluru
  Olga Sisters  
  Sydney 2005  

Sydney at Night


Opera House

Blue Mountains Wentworth Falls Kangaroo


Bondi Beach  

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