Sri Lanka


...originally Marie & I planned it as a relaxing beach holiday, but Sri Lanka had so much culture and nature on offer that we couldn't resist and used most of the time to look around and experience the country!
A very beautiful place it is and it felt like insulting it by spending just a bit more then a week over there...
Old royal capitols, beautiful nature & country side as well as some well preserved Dutch colonial history...
A place I will definitely visit again some time!




Ancient Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa Buddha Polonnaruwa Dambulla
Sigiriya Sigiriya Paintings Sri Lanka Landscape
Kandy Tooth Temple Golden Temple Botanical Garden
  Colonial Galle  
Galle Fortress Galle Town Colonial Galle
  Fauna & Flora  
Bugs Crabs Elephants
Reptiles Monkeys Flying Stuff
Squirls Flowers Tea
  Sri Lanka Country Side  
Sunset Beach Haridra Hotel
Sri Lanka Trainride   Transportation

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