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Audi A5

...a "left-over" from a colleague who moved abroad... ;-)
An excellent car, which was just fast, fast, fast... Quattro was cool feature too...
I will probably not have a car soon that is that quick and uses that much fuel...

Audi               A5
Engine            2000 cc Turbo Gasoline
Power             200 bhp
Top Speed       245 km/h


Audi A4 of the best cars I have driven so far...
Great diesel engine,  alot of HP and luxury to the limit...
I felt a little sad having to say goodby to this machine, but then again, the alternative A5 isn't that bad either...

Audi               A4
Engine            2000 cc Turbo Diesel
Power             177 bhp
Top Speed       230 km/h



Didn't go to that many car races yet, but this year I got lucky... I had the opportunity to see the DTM twice!
Great events, lots of action, cool cars and a lot of noise... All the ingredients for a men-only excursion!

I needed many attempts to get the right pictures, I admit, but some of them are really good....

Volvo V50

Although I wasn't yet in that phase of life where I had a need for a Swedish wagon suitable to go shopping at IKEA or transport holiday portions of dipers, the V50 that I was allowed to drive by my company has been a good companion over the last 2 years. Driving & built quality are superb, belonging to the best I have driven so far.

In a country where speedlimits are limited in stead of the speed itself, driving a 109hp car is not too much fun. Good for city driving, but on the highway, pleasure is limited.
With my new A4, that is hopefully going to be much much better.....

Volvo              V50
Engine            1600 cc Turbo Diesel
Power             109 bhp
Top Speed       190 km/h

Alfa Romeo Spider

After my return from China, my employer allowed me to rent a car for a while since I have sold my Lancia when I went there and have nothing to move around in... The standard is "Golf class".

Fortunately, Avis has some other cars in their fleet that are much more interesting then Golf... Of course, most of these cars are in a different class. With some smooth negotiations, I managed to arrange this beautiful Alfa Romeo Spider convertible... a car nobody wants to rent during winter time.. except me of course..

... a hell of a ride.... and the police in the Netherlands are on strike these days! :-) 

Alfa Romeo     Spider
Engine            2198 cc Gasoline
Power             185 bhp
Top Speed       222 km/h


Lancia Delta

With a Lancia Delta, I drove something out of the ordinary in Germany. Germans don't like Italian cars because of their bad reputation, but mainly because Italian cars are....not German!

But now, after almost two years, I had to sell this beautiful machine.... I couldn't take it to Shanghai as spare parts would be hard to get here.. I did have some problems with her, but she never let me down...

Lancia            δ Delta 1.8 LE
Engine            1756 cc Gasoline
Power             90 bhp
Top Speed      180 km/h





Opel Corsa

I should not forget to mention the first car I owned! I bought it from Arjan's mother.

It was an Opel Corsa 1.2 built in 1987 with 220.000km. This incredibly reliable car brought me to every place I wanted to go! I decided to scrap and replace her, because I thought that she would not survive 4 months in Italy. I am still wondering if she would have performed less as my Lancia did....

I hope that the junkyard people decided not to waste such a good car and changed her into this Corsa Herbie version.

Not worth to mention........


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